Breathe Clear:Avoid Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is a silent killer. The symptoms of these disease is similar to having an asthma attack or allergy reaction, thus some people who suffers from difficulty in breathing or chest pain opted to cure themselves by using an asthma inhaler.

Lung Cancer differs from other cancer.The symptoms of these disease is associated with a person having an allergy attack, asthma . Thus this is the most misleading and shocking type of cancer to those people  who have  just been diagnosed with it.

And some people discover they have lung cancer when they are already in terminal stage, for the reason that they think that a simple chest pain or wheezing is curable.

Lung Cancer is one of the leading causes of death cancer among men and women. In our country 75% of lung cancer victims developed this disease a year after they reach the age of 5o. And only about 3% of lung cancer victims gets infected with this  disease upon reaching  the age of 14 and below.

According to the Department of Health, a Filipino smoker puffs 1,073 cigarettes annually.   In line with  the World Health Organization data published in April 2011 ,  lung cancers death in the Philippines reached 8, 518 or 2.2% percent of total deaths.  .Among the 192 countries, Philippines ranks as the country with the most numbers of people who have lung cancer.

Lung Cancer is avoidable by the following means:

Stop Smoking- Smoking can not only cause lung cancer for one single person but also to the nearby person who will inhale the smoke coming out of your cigarette.So if you love yourself and your fellow people, avoid smoking now before it’s too late.

Avoid Second Hand Smoke- A small voice inside your head will tell you to stay away from those people who loves to smoke in a public place. It’s not an insane thing to follow the voice inside.

Lastly, practice eating healthy food. It’s never too late to be a vegan.



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